Saturday, October 30, 2010

Skeleton cupcakes

I just had to post these here.. they were too cute not to be archived!
A child in another class brought these to school. His mom had iced cupcakes white, and stuck a long-ish skewer down the middle. On the skewer, she thread alternating slices of marshmallow and yogurt-covered pretzels. The final marshmallow was whole and she drew a face with chocolate gel icing.

(By the way, the face won't hold up too well after going on recess duty with it outside in the drizzle!)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Divali Elephants

Friday (November 5th) is Diwali and is our exciting field trip to the Gurdwara (Sikh Temple)!! Along with a slide-show prepping the kids for our trip, of course I wanted to do some kind of art project to highlight Indian culture. Low and behold, "Painted Paper" posted a fabulous idea! Merci!! I googled "elephant templates" and found some easy images. In the school "dungeon" there is a bunch of coloured burlap that will go perfectly for the blankets!
Here are some of the materials I needed:

I ended up having to do this in several stages...
1-"blop" white and black tempra paints onto template-printed paper and scrape using my favourite plastic scrapers, to create a fabulous textured GREY! Let dry.
2-cut out elephants, glue on burlap (this was precut) and bedazzle them with sequins, using white glue. Leave to dry.
3-glue (glue stick) coloured construction paper to the MIDDLE of pre-cut black construction paper. Design a border using pastels and geometric shapes.
4-glue (GLUE STICK) elephant onto coloured construction paper. - May need to leave under heavy books to dry flat.

Bat Cards

I had my first class with the English grade 2s today. I had NO idea how it was going to go, so I thought we'd start simple and see how long it would take!
The idea was taken from "That Artist Woman" who found the original post on the Better Homes and Garden's site (also where you can get the template). Needless to say I have started to subscribe to that site which currently has a 100 days of Holidays thing, and I get ideas emailed to me every day!
While normally I would do some texture on the body or wings, I kept it simple and just added a few painted lines to the wings. I liked the buttons for eyes, and then I used my cool new stamps from Dollarama to do my message.
Joyeuse Halloween!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bienvenue! Welcome!

Chers Amis - Dear Readers
I have been pondering starting my own art blog for a few months now, and finally decided to take the plunge. Partly it may be the lack of sleep making my head spin (I've been up working since 2 am - not able to sleep!) But it's also the confidence I've gained since giving a workshop Ho! La! La! Les Arts Plastiques en Primaire at the Congrès APPIPC 2010!
Anyways, the plan, here, is to post the art that I do with my grade 2 French Immersion class (oh and the other 2 classes I teach art to: grade 2 English and grade 4&5 French. Most of my posts will be en anglais, with the smattering of French added here and there.
Merci d'être venue, assure-toi que je vais avoir des idées d'art ici bientôt... après les entrevues parent-prof!