Friday, October 29, 2010

Divali Elephants

Friday (November 5th) is Diwali and is our exciting field trip to the Gurdwara (Sikh Temple)!! Along with a slide-show prepping the kids for our trip, of course I wanted to do some kind of art project to highlight Indian culture. Low and behold, "Painted Paper" posted a fabulous idea! Merci!! I googled "elephant templates" and found some easy images. In the school "dungeon" there is a bunch of coloured burlap that will go perfectly for the blankets!
Here are some of the materials I needed:

I ended up having to do this in several stages...
1-"blop" white and black tempra paints onto template-printed paper and scrape using my favourite plastic scrapers, to create a fabulous textured GREY! Let dry.
2-cut out elephants, glue on burlap (this was precut) and bedazzle them with sequins, using white glue. Leave to dry.
3-glue (glue stick) coloured construction paper to the MIDDLE of pre-cut black construction paper. Design a border using pastels and geometric shapes.
4-glue (GLUE STICK) elephant onto coloured construction paper. - May need to leave under heavy books to dry flat.

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