Thursday, December 9, 2010

Easy Elf Ornaments - Les Lutins pour le Sapin!

I LOVE this craft, this is the second year I've done it. We get these cool little portrait-stickers when the kids get their school pictures done - some teachers give them to their kids, but I always hang onto them, as they make for great mother's day, father's day and Christmas gifts. I made this template of an elf, based on the size of the sticker. On an 8.5x11 piece of paper, I can fit 4 elves, enough for 2 elf ornaments.
(If you want me to try and scan and email this template, you can email me :)

Then I cut them up, and stick on the sticker and hand them out. I normally print them onto cardstock, but I did it onto normal paper by accident and it was fine.

Get the kids to colour it and glitter it up.
Then I roll it around a toilet-paper tube and staple the bottom and top.
I love my class of little elves!

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