Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snowman Families - Les familles de neige

I love the idea of doing a family of snowmen that Gail did. While she used a series of different pre-cut foam circles to print her snowpeople, I didn't have any pre-cut circles that would work to stamp. Then I remembered a few posts on my blogroll from a few months ago about teachers who were having their students make their own stamps out of plastecine! Now THAT I had!

I showed the kids how to roll a ball with the plastecine and then press it down to create a circle on the bottom. By making their balls bigger and smaller, they could create a variety of sizes of circles for their families. Then I showed them how to make a snowflake stamp by making indentations with the side of their pencils or poking the pencil in the circle. All of these "stamps" were then dipped in white poster paint and printed on green or red construction paper.

Finally, this afternoon, we paired up with some big buddies to play on letterplaygound! Each kid made their last name to go with their snowman family.

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