Monday, February 21, 2011

Grade-Wide Quilt

I teach Art to most of the grade twos at my school. I have a sweet deal where the reg. program (English) gr 2 teacher takes my kids for PE while I teach his kids Art. I decided to do a project where every child in grade two was included, and a grade-wide quilt seemed like the perfect project. I was initially inspired to do some paper weaving after going to a Math workshop where teachers had to make a few manipulatives to use during the workshop. This huge box of lovely long colourful strips of paper destined for the recycling was located next to me. It was an opportunity I couldn't miss, so I asked to take them home, and proceeded to transport them by ferry and car back to Port Alberni!
After teaching the kids how to weave, I borrowed this silhouette idea from someone else recently (I'm sorry, I can't remember who!) We talked about symbols and shadows.

I'm very pleased about the unifying presence this quilt has in the primary wing of the school. Especially when there is often divides between our two programs, once again, Art provides an opportunity for equality and unity.

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