Thursday, November 18, 2010

Arctic Expressions

After pondering the marbled paper for a week, and remembering that I should make some cross-curricular links, I decided use the paper as an interpretation of the Aurora Borealis found in Northern Canada. I just liked how the swirling colours mimicked the free form of the "Northern Lights". In Social Studies, we are studying Canadian symbols.. and what better symbol to place in front of the "Aurores Boreales" than an inukshuk! It's even on the Nunavut Flag!

The students are super familiar with the Inuit inukshuk as it was symbol for the Olympic Winter games here last year. I also showed them some google images, such as these:

I had the children make some rock-like paper by splattering black and white on grey with tooth-brushes. While we got great results on paper, we also got results on my wall, hanging chart and cd player! Oops!
The next day, we looked at inukshuk images and thought about the rock shapes, then cut and glued and glittered with "snow"! Here's one of the display boards (it's missing the title which will go in the middle!)

I got so excited about this project that I decided that these would make excellent Christmas cards. So I marble-ized cardstock with the Joyeux Noel printed twice on the bottom. After the paper dried I cut it in four and glued the non-wordy quarter to the front of another piece of plain cardstock, and the message quarter on the inside of the card. Then I used some of the left-over "rock" paper my students made and cut little inukshuks. I finished off the project by glitterizing the top and side of the inukshuk. I LOVE these little guys!

Here's one of my little inukshuk friends up-close! I can barely stand to give them away!

Sorry, this last bit is for my mom, it's of my Christmas center-piece in my dining room. I made the feather balls and glitterized the silver ones. Then hung them on this fabulous T-stand from Ikea (I bought two- the other one holds my ribbon at my wrapping station!) I love it with my fabulous chandelier from Glasgow and Plum Passion paint from Benjamin Moore!

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