Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tree Mosaic - Mosaique de Sapins

I love lids! In particular, orange juice lids. I love their colour, texture and the endless possibilities of the circle! I've been collecting them for a wee while now, and decided that it was finally time to use them!
I had the idea of drilling holes in each lid and then creating a larger shape with them. Because Christmas is around the corner, and the shiny colour of the lids I decided to do a simple tree shape. Even though I broke my uncle's drill bit the first round, he kindly finished off the rest of the holes for me.

Because I didn't want to do the work twice, I thought I should lay out the lids before colouring them - just to make sure I had enough. I put tiny straight pins through the holes and pinned them to my bulletin board in a lovely tree shape.

Not only did I have enough lids, I had JUST enough! No, to be honest, the design changed as I got towards the end of the pile of lids. But I'm glad I did this step before they were all coloured. This way, I could show the class where I was going with the idea, and also the importance of orienting the hole to the top of the lid when colouring the design.

I bought two big sets of coloured sharpies before school started at Costco I've been so excited to use them! I encouraged the kids to decorate their trees, so that the greater tree would have some small decorations too. As the kids finished their lids, I simply slid them onto the pins. What an easy bulletin board display!
Here is the finished product.. it's kind of hard to see how cool it looks in real life, partly due to my dying camera, partly due to the awful florescents lighting the hall-way!

The kids have had fun finding their trees, and watching this project "grow!" (mind the pun!)

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