Monday, November 8, 2010

Marbled Paper a la Fiorentini

Shaving Cream + Food Colouring + Fingerpainting Paper = Venetian Marbled Paper!

Thanks to The Stampin' Den for the great tutorial on how to do this project! I didn't have any liquid watercolours, so I pulled out the trusty food colouring and worked like a trick! I'm not too sure how I will manage this project with my class, however.. it's pretty messy (although contained in the tub) - and really only one person at a time will be able to print. I'm thinking I will demonstrate and then have it as a centre for kids to go to. In the picture below, I love how I was able to add some red to the pre-existing blue and green and reprint on either side of the initial blue/green combo.

I did this this morning with my son (kindie) and he loved it and totally felt like he accomplished some "cool art"!
My plan is to use the paper as a background for a dream-picture. In our French text, Astuce, one character recounts her dream.. I might have them draw Marilou's dream, or one of their own with a black sharpie.

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