Sunday, July 31, 2011

Textured Bunny

I've been collecting bits of textured STUFF for a while now, waiting for a project to use it all. When I saw the "how to draw a bunny" post from {someone who I follow} I thought it would be the perfect time!
As you can see below, we used bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard and textured wall-paper for this project; as well as 2 pieces of white cardstock, water-colour (puck) paints, wax crayons and black sharpies.

We did this in two stages. We started by doing a directed drawing of the bunny, as shown here:

Next we took a second piece of paper and we used wax crayon to make the clouds and do rubbings for the grass (corrugated cardboard) and the basket (the wall-paper).

Then we painted the bunny (they could choose from yellow, white, brown or pink - or a combo!), and also painted the sky blue.
The next day when everything was dry, we cut out our bunnies and glued them to the backdrop. Hippity-hop!

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