Sunday, July 31, 2011

Two EASY Butterfly Projects

This first one is SO simple! It was a total "duh" moment!
I had seen some butterfly templates in a teacher book that I think were supposed to be made into finger puppets and had photocopied them for my butterfly file. Fast forward to our town's Easter Eggstravaganza and one of the crafts to make was a mobile using different coloured transparencies (pre-cut to be butterfly shaped, hole-punched top and bottom). The kids decorated them with stickers and moms and dads helped assemble them using paper clips, unfolded to be s-shaped. The kids could then add ribbons and beads to embellish their mobile.
Somehow mother's day snuck up on me and I realised that I needed a fast project to do with a challenging class, this was perfect!
At recess I photocopied the templates onto transparencies and then the kids really got into using the coloured sharpies to pretty them up!

The immersion class also wrote on the band part of the template the words: Je t'aime/maman/avec/l'amour/{nom} or Bonne/fete/des/mamans!/de {nom}
Then during an assembly (sh!) I opened up all of the paperclips and afterwards the kids assembled them, following my sample (one on the top, leading to two, each leading to one). Then, like at the craft table, they got to pretty-it-up some more with ribbon and beads.

The second butterfly project is a simple homage to Eric Carle.

Thanks mom for doing my bulletin board!!! I think your talents are being wasted as a professor in Engineering!
The children made their own painted paper using pretty much every colour of paint I had and then using different textured scrapers to move the paint, creating further detail. After the paint dried, the kids used different wing templates to come up with a butterfly they liked. (This was harder than I thought, many kids remembered the trick of cutting two, or four at a time, but then were disappointed when the painted side was down on half of their butterfly!
They were asked to embellish their butterfly by make stripes or spots or some kind of design using more paper, trading with their neighbours to find the perfect colour or pattern that they wanted to add.

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