Sunday, July 31, 2011

Le Soleil des Grenouilles est la lune. A frog's sun is the moon.

I love doing this project, the kids are so adept at directed drawing by this point and they really enjoy the subject as well. The 3-D tongues are an added bonus! I know I've borrowed this lesson from somewhere, so appologies for not crediting the right person.
For this project, we start, as I said, with a directed line drawing of a frog. Then we add the moon and the lily pad.
The kids get to paint their frogs and background, then when the paint is dry we add the rolled paper tongues, googly-eyes and some sparkle-y stars.

This year, I decided to make colour stations with the paint, as the colours were restricted. The desks are normally in little groups so on each "pod" I put a colour, (eg: blue) and some paint-brushes. All of the chairs were stacked and the kids had their drawings in hand. The RULE was that the paint-brushes STAY with the paint. While I had a few kids standing around waiting, or not sure where to go, for the most part, everyone got on with it, and I think there was only one accident where someone bumped into another person and their painting landed face down on the floor! I will FOR SURE do this again, as I found that there was less wasted paint and the kids got to move around and interact with more peers, not just those who they sit beside the whole rest of the day. It's also especially nice for the kids who sit beside those who have trouble sharing!

They all have such great personalities!

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